Update at last

I know I am rubbish at blogging! Life just seems to get in the way and there are far too many rides to go on and things to do…….

Whats happening? Well the Inclusive cycling opportunities still run regularly at Alice Holt (Thursdays 9-1) and Queen Elizabeth Country Park (Mondays 10-12). On top of the 8 adapted cycles at each venue we also have mountain bikes available and have just received delivery of two power assisted tandems which are proving fun. I think some people (including me) thought that these may be an excuse not to pedal but that isn’t the case, they just give a boost where needed when going uphill.

The new mountain bikes at Queen Elizabeth CP are attracting some interest from schools who want to use them to support PE and as a motivation to encourage young people who find school a challenge. They have also been used to support Duke of Edinburgh schemes. If you know any group who could use them, tell them to get hold of me! There are 17 adult sized bikes available to borrow by arrangement.

In spring we ran a cycle training course at Alton. This will be repeated and extended for the Autumn and we have managed to find some funding to pay for it if we can get enough people to take part. If you are over 50, the opportunity is aimed at you but please contact me if you don’t quite fit into this group and I will see what can be done. The courses will run from September  -details to follow.

September 18th will be ‘Bike Night’ at Alice Holt, Nr Farnham. We are running this event for families from 4-8pm. The evening will be a chance for family groups to engage in a number of different exciting cycling activities, including meeting the challenge of cycling the portable North Shore….come and see what its all about for yourselves. Oh, and its FREE.

11th September sees us attending Butserfest at Queen Elzabeth CP. This event is organised by East Hampshire District Council for young people and we intend to give them the Northshore Challenge too. Wonder what they will make of the opportunity?

Mid year resolution (is there such a thing?)- will try to update more regularly.


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