New Year, New Energy?

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I greeted the New Year with an excess of energy, probably created by overindulgent nibbling and slurping during the festive season. I had been so good, prior to that. I had lost 10 pounds through sensible eating and exercising, but I think I went back to ‘Go’ without collecting my £200.

So, there I was, poised for a fresh start, bike at the ready. Only to be met by an onslaught of wind, snow, rain, sleet, ice…I would go on, but the reality exceeds any exagerated version I may be able to invent.

I know East Hampshire isn’t alone, but my resolutions went out of the window and my energy has gone into hibernation. Every cycling opportunity I had carefully put into my diary was met by another erratic weather moment.

Actually, now I am exagerating, because in actual fact I did manage a couple of lovely mountain bike rides. They were a little hairy, quite a lot of hard work and, apart from the odd bruise, relatively accident free- considering the ice. All in all I would seriously recommend cycling in the snow as it is fun, beautiful and because of the low tempreature, probably burns off even more calories than usual- you see I am making myself feel much better as I write.

So now the snow is finally gone (crossed fingers), it really is time to get back out on the bike. Yesterday at Alice Holt (9-1) I was cheered to find volunteers and participants keen to get back on the adapted cycles. Next Wednesday I hope to meet some more people at Alton Sports centre who want to ‘Cycle for Health’ (10am). Monday will bring the Inclusive cycling at Queen Elizabeth park (10-12) and it will be like I’ve never been away.

I have new plans for the new year too. I am going to set the wheels in motion (geddit?) for a new Schools related cycling project. I want to get pupils and parents engaged in off road riding- starting in the Petersfield Cluster of schools. I will be looking for participants and champions (Volunteers) to help, so if you are around? Just contact me.


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