The dust settles after Bike Week in East Hampshire

So that’s Bike Week 2009 finished then! I hope everyone who joined in one of the national Bike Week events had fun and discovered even more enthusiasm for cycling.

So how was it for us in East Hampshire?

We kicked off on Saturday 13th, with an off-road ride with Alton Men’s Weight Loss and Fitness Club, cycling around 5 miles of Alice Holt off-road trails. Members of the group are improving their health through exercise and diet, and we really enjoyed our ride.

On Saturday 14th, we held our big East Hampshire Family Cycling Festival. This was loads of fun with over a thousand people joining us at Alice Holt Forest. The new beginners’ cycle track was opened, and unusual bikes were available free of charge to ride around the track. We held three guided rides around the forest, with free bike loan from Quench Cycles. Quench were also offering free bike safety checks and cycling information was available from Forestry Commission, Hampshire County Council and CTC.

While we were busy at Alice Holt, Ray and Barry from the Limbless Association had borrowed our Draisin Twister trike for a charity ride.

On Monday, we ran one of our usual inclusive cycling sessions at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, with disabled riders coming along to cycle on our specialist equipment.

On Wednesday I was joined at Alice Holt by a group from the Women’s Institute. As part of an Activity Taster Day, they were trying off-road cycling alongside sessions of tai chi and nordic walking. I am so pleased that around 30 women joined us, many of whom hadn’t been on a bike for decades! It’s great when people return to cycling after a long period of not riding.

On Thursday, we had another of our weekly inclusive cycling sessions at Alice Holt. With the new beginners’ track up and running, our regular cyclists, many of who have learning disabilities, had a new challenge getting to know the new cycling route among the trees.

12925423And on Saturday? I had a day off and rode my bike for fun with my friends.

Remember it’s not only Bike Week when there’s the chance to enjoy cycling activities. At East Hampshire Cycling for All, we have more planned throughout the year.


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