Two men, three limbs, three wheels and 15 miles.

Our impressive two-person trike has been used by a pair of enthusiastic amputees for a 15 mile bike ride.

SS100110aA few weeks ago I was approached by  Ray Edwards and Barry Perrin from the Limbless Association.

As guys who like a challenge, they were preparing for the 15 mile Wokingham Bikeathon, despite the fact that Barry has lost a leg and Ray is a quad amputee.

Ray and Barry had heard about the range of inclusive cycling kit we have at East Hampshire Cycling for All and called me to see if we could lend them our two-person Twister trike. We were happy to! Our specialist cycling equipment is great for people like Barry and Ray who don’t  let their disabilities keep them from being active.

Their 15 mile ride was hard work but a great success. Accompanied by supportive two-wheeled riders, they completed the Wokingham Bikeathon while raising a pile of money for the Limbless Association.

Well done guys!  Let us know about your next adventures.


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