Light summer evenings – The best time for a bike ride

Forest Discovery Ride – 6pm, Thursday 23rh April
Alice Holt Forest, GU10 4LS

As I type, I hear a lawnmower chugging up and down outside the office window. Yet another reminder that summer is most certainly with us.

And the best thing about summer? The ability to enjoy a lovely evening bike ride. I know of no better way to while away the stress of the day than a lovely scoot through the trees.

So join us!

This Thursday, on 23rd April, we’re looking forward to the next of our Forest Discovery Rides at Alice Holt Forest. We’ll gather by the Alice Holt café at 6.00pm and set off  on a short, gentle laid-back bike ride. There will be no rush, no traffic and no pressure. Perfect if you haven’t ridden for a while.

The ride is free, and if you don’t have a bike to use, call me and I’ll help you find one to use.

Maybe we’ll even stop for some ice cream.



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