Bike Hire is Back at Alice Holt Forest

Cycling at Alice Holt ForestAlice Holt Forest is the main base for many of our activities at East Hampshire Cycling for All. We provide all kinds of alternative accessible cycling equipment to help everybody to ride, including people with learning disabilities or physical disabilities.

We’ve just been joined at Alice Holt by Quench Cycles, who are providing a conventional cycle hire set-up at Alice Holt during the main holiday periods of 2009.

The Quench guys have an impressive-looking fleet of new mountain bikes that are perfect for the great off-roading at Alice Holt Forest. They’re open for business during the main school holiday times this year. Call them for more information.

So right now, all your cycling requirements are catered for at Alice Holt:

  • If you’d like to hire a two-wheeled mountain bike or a child’s bike, give Quench a call on 07921 572498.
  • If you require a three-wheeler, a tandem, a wheelcahir bike or some extra help and encouragement, call us on 07717 721511.

It’s a great time of year for cycling. See you at Alice Holt.


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