Fancy my job? Community Cycling Development Officer wanted!

An exciting new opportunity has come up for me at CTC national office. I’ll have more info about that soon, but the really exciting news is that my job as Community Cycling Development Officer for East Hampshire is now available!

It’s a great job for anyone who gets a buzz out of spreading the message of cycling to all corners of the community. It’s about setting up projects that empower everyone to have a go at cycling, whatever their age, ability or situation. You get to meet and work with experts that help you engage with the community, ensuring that everyone in East Hampshire gets the chance to enjoy the benefits that cycling brings.

You’ll be working in a beautiful rural district with some great spots for mountain biking and lovely road cycling routes.

There’s full information about this exciting cycling job on the vacancies section of the CTC website.

The deadline is the 6th April, so have a look at the full job information now.

And I promise to show you the best off-road routes before I move to head office…


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