Forest Discovery Ride – Saturday 21st March at Alice Holt

After a shaky start, no-one can deny that spring is definitely with us.

Here at Alice Holt, the sun is shining, the wild flowers are blooming and the deer are running through the trees. What a great time of year to get back on a bike!

Forest Discovery Ride 3The next of our monthly Forest Discovery Rides is this Saturday 21st March, at 10.30am at Alice Holt Forest. These rides are free of charge.

We’ll be taking a very relaxed, fairly slow spin around the traffic-free trails of the forest. It really is lovely this time of year. There are a couple of very minor hills, but nothing that should put anyone off. There will be tips on how to get the best out of your gears, and nobody minds if you choose to push up the slopes!

Not sure you’re up to it? – You do not need to be particularly fit, fast or experienced. We’re only doing a short distance and we’re aiming this ride at near-beginners. As long as your doctor wouldn’t raise an eyebrow at your coming along, we’d love to see you.

Haven’t got a shiny new bike? – You don’t need an all-singing all-dancing bike. A basic one will do, as long as the tyres aren’t too narrow. I’ll be giving all bikes a safety check, but try to make sure there are no bits hanging off before you bring it along…

Haven’t got a bike at all? – If you don’t have a safe bike, give me  a call and I’ll find one for you to borrow.

What about children? – We’re aiming this ride at all ages, but children need to accompanied. If you’d like to bring your children, decide whether you think they are capable of joining you for around 4 miles on forest tracks. It’s up to you.

If you have any questions, call me on 07717 721511 or email me at

See you on Saturday!


4 Responses to Forest Discovery Ride – Saturday 21st March at Alice Holt

  1. Kris Socha says:

    Keep me posted re: future rides, please. I’ll tag my little one along given a bit more notice on STW forum. Cheers!

  2. Hi Kris

    It would be good to see you.

    We’re running Forest Discovery Rides every month.

    The dates are listed on our main CTC website.

    See you soon,


  3. Kris Socha says:

    Cheers! We’re going there in a moment, although it’s a day too late. See you there sometime soon!

  4. Cllr Philip Drury says:

    Hope to have my new and much more capable bike this week end and need a good route to bed it in so may well be up to A/H this Saturday from Whitehill. Lets hope we can get the Shipwrights way finalized fairly soon so that we can all extend our cycling further into the district with out getting gassed by car users.

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