It’s Children In Need Time: Fancy a Bike Ride on Sunday?

November 13, 2008

There’s a leisurely bike ride on Sunday from Rowlands Castle to Hayling Island on Sunday 16th November at 11.00am.

It’s being run by Terri Bryant, who’s a qualified cycling instructor who welcomes anyone on her bike rides, particularly older or less confident riders. Our main CTC webpages have more information about this Children in Need bike ride.


All-Ability Thursdays: Winter’s Here – And So Are We!

November 5, 2008

There is no mistaking the fact that winter has reached us at Alice Holt Forest. The leaves on the trees, having turned orange, brown and red, are now falling to the floor. There’s often a chill in the air and a few showers here and there.

None of this is any reason to stop enjoying cycling. With a pair of gloves, a jacket and quick weather check, you can still easily join us for cyling on our impressive fleet of adaptive bikes.

Thursdays are our usual all-ability cycling days at Alice Holt, and we’ll keep riding though the winter. Riding at other times can be arranged by contacting me.

But mindful of the time of year, we’re making a few changes:

  • We will be riding with revised times on Thursdays mornings, between 9am and 1pm.
  • Before setting off, check the new ‘Weather Check‘ on the right hand side of our main webpages. If bad weather means we’ll be cancelling a session, this is where I’ll make it clear. Or call me on 07717 721511.
  • Make sure you dress appropriately, maybe bringing a change of clothes. Gloves are a great idea, along with waterproof jackets and sensible shoes. If you’re bringing a hat, rememeber that only very very thin headwear will fit beneath the optional helmets we provide.

Let me know if you have any queries or if you’re a new group looking to visit. Otherwise – see you Thursday!