Thanks for Volunteering!

I recently put out a shout for anyone who’d like to help us with the work we’re doing at East Hampshire Cycling for All.

I’ve been so pleased with the response we’ve had. It’s been great. Folks have been offering their time  and seem really excited by the idea of helping to spread cycling to everyone in the community.

Thursdays are a busy day here at Alice Holt Forest. We have many disabled cyclists come to visit. Last Thursday, they were welcomed by some of our new volunteers. Peter is a local guy who has cycled for many years, and the Sports Development students from the Unversity of Winchester are along to help us develop cycling in the community and to develop their expertise in this kind of work.

Paul, Dom, Mike, Helen and Helen have already been a great help getting us this far, and it’s good to see more volunteers coming forward.

A massive THANK YOU to all our existing and new volunteers, and a reminder that if you feel you’d like to help, get in touch with me at or 07717 721511.


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