Thursday – the best day to ride at Alice Holt

We’ve been running cycling for people with disabilities since May at Alice Holt. And it’s been great, with hundreds of people joining in.

Now, to make it easier for you to know when you can ride with us, we’re establishing Thursdays as the best day to come riding if your physical, learning or sensory impairment means you’d like to use our specialist cycles.

If you’d like to ride, you can just turn up at Alice Holt Forest on a Thursday, between 10 and 3, and I (or one of my colleagues) will be ready to help you. There will be others using our equipment, so you may need to wait a few minutes while someone else finishes their turn on a particular cycle.

It’s still possible to ride at other times, but please call me on 07717 721511 to book a time if that’s what you’d like to do.

Groups: We love groups! It’s so much fun riding with your friends. If you are part of a group who would like to use our equipment, please contact me on 07717 721511 or, whether you’re keen to come on a Thursday or another time.


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