Do You Believe Everything You Read in the Papers?

During my train ride in to work this morning, I was flicking through the pages of the Metro – the free tabloid that’s given out at London railway stations.

I noticed a letter written by a reader in response to an article about fuel taxation. The letter was criticising Friends of the Earth for comments they’d made about car ownership. I spotted these words:

Many of us are too old and unfit to ride bicycles…

I wonder if this is really the case? Are people put off cycling because they think they are too old or too unfit?

So how old is ‘old’?

And how unfit is ‘unfit’?

We’re trying to give everyone the chance to try cycling at East Hampshire Cycling for All.

If you, like the writer of the letter I spotted in the Metro, fear you may be too unfit, or too old to cycle, maybe you should come along to our next Forest Discovery Ride, when everyone is welcome on a relaxed traffic-free forest ride.

Of course, if your fitness really does concern you, a visit to the doctor may be wise, but rest assured there will be no rush and no pressure – we’ll be taking it nice and easy.

If you’d like to know more, let me know by emailing me or phoning me on 07717 721511


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