14th August 6.30pm – Next Forest Discovery Ride at Alice Holt Forest

Forest Discovery Ride 3We’ve now enjoyed two Forest Discovery Rides at Alice Holt Forest – chilled out evening jollies with no rush, a laid-back atmosphere and tips and advice from friendly cycling experts.

When you’re riding with friends out of the way of the traffic, it’s amazing how easy it is to ride a gentle five miles.

Here’s a photo of Pat and Paul on our first ride. Paul, one of our friendly expert volunteers, took a couple of photos last Thursday – I wonder how they came out. Paul?

Our next ride will be on Thursday 14th August. We’ll assemble by the cafĂ© at Alice Holt Forest at 6.15pm, ready to ride at 6.30pm.

Why might you want to come along? Our Forest Discovery Rides are FREE and are great if:

  • You’d like to try a short bike ride, but you’d like to avoid the traffic
  • You haven’t ridden for a while and you’re not sure you remember how it’s done
  • You’d like some friendly tips on using your gears to help with hills
  • You’d like to meet other people who enjoy gentle bike rides
  • You’d like to see some more of Alice Holt Forest – the parts that are hard to reach on foot or by car

If you don’t have a bike, let me know, and I’ll help you find one to use for the evening. If you’re definitely up for coming, let me know by email or by phone ( 07717 721511) but I don’t mind if you just turn up on the night.

See you next Thursday!

One Response to 14th August 6.30pm – Next Forest Discovery Ride at Alice Holt Forest

  1. Paul says:

    No joy on the photo’s I’m afraid- all a bit blurry! :o(

    Next time…

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