14th August 6.30pm – Next Forest Discovery Ride at Alice Holt Forest

Forest Discovery Ride 3We’ve now enjoyed two Forest Discovery Rides at Alice Holt Forest – chilled out evening jollies with no rush, a laid-back atmosphere and tips and advice from friendly cycling experts.

When you’re riding with friends out of the way of the traffic, it’s amazing how easy it is to ride a gentle five miles.

Here’s a photo of Pat and Paul on our first ride. Paul, one of our friendly expert volunteers, took a couple of photos last Thursday – I wonder how they came out. Paul?

Our next ride will be on Thursday 14th August. We’ll assemble by the café at Alice Holt Forest at 6.15pm, ready to ride at 6.30pm.

Why might you want to come along? Our Forest Discovery Rides are FREE and are great if:

  • You’d like to try a short bike ride, but you’d like to avoid the traffic
  • You haven’t ridden for a while and you’re not sure you remember how it’s done
  • You’d like some friendly tips on using your gears to help with hills
  • You’d like to meet other people who enjoy gentle bike rides
  • You’d like to see some more of Alice Holt Forest – the parts that are hard to reach on foot or by car

If you don’t have a bike, let me know, and I’ll help you find one to use for the evening. If you’re definitely up for coming, let me know by email or by phone ( 07717 721511) but I don’t mind if you just turn up on the night.

See you next Thursday!


One Response to 14th August 6.30pm – Next Forest Discovery Ride at Alice Holt Forest

  1. Paul says:

    No joy on the photo’s I’m afraid- all a bit blurry! :o(

    Next time…

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