Back in the saddle – and what a day!

I’m back from biking in Switzerland and enjoying biking in Alice Holt Forest again!

It’s been a busy day. Earlier today, we had a visit from the cycling fans at the Independent Living Group – a bunch of adults with learning disabilities who have really launched into cycling with us. The ILG guys have made so much progress, we ventured away from the forest centre today for a short ride through the woodland. Well done to the guys who came riding!

Then later we had a visit from a gentleman who recently started riding with us – cycling is really helping him keep fit and healthy following his stroke.

And as if that wasn’t enogh to fit into one day, we’re about to go riding again! Tonight is the second of our Forest Discovery Rides. The last one was so much fun, we’re doing more (check out my earlier blog post). Rebecca and Leonora are coming tonight. They’ll be on the tandem, so if you live on the Hants/Surrey border and you hear screaming, do not be alarmed!


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