All Weather Cycling: Bring On The Tandem!

As anyone in the south of England will confirm, yesterday was a typical English summer day: It poured with rain from morning ’til night.

As I arrived at Alice Holt Forest, I wondered whether I’d be getting phone calls from my participants, cancelling their cycling sessions. I should have known better!

First to arrive was Nick. Nick rides with me about once a week. Our tandem rides have become part of his weekly routine and he is really enjoying a return to cycling while he deals with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis. The rain was no barrier as we put in a good lap of Alice Holt’s 3 mile Family Cycle Trail. We got covered in mud and had a good laugh.

Later, Leonora arrived with her mum Rebecca. Leonora is visually impaired and at the age of 11 is now too old for the ‘tag-along’ she used to ride behind Rebecca’s bike. With a bit of help, Rebecca and Leonora have really taken to tandem cycling and yesterday’s off-road adventure through the puddles and trees was so much fun. Leonora has reminded me that cycling is about so much more than what you see. There’s the effort of the hills, followed by the sensation of freewheeling downhill; the communication with your fellow riders and the feel of the weather. Yesterday’s rain, puddles and mud just added to the fun.

If you’d like to ride with us, whether or not you have any kind of physical, sensory or learning impairment, or if you’ve just not ridden for a while and are feeling nervous, just get in touch with me at or on 07717 721511


2 Responses to All Weather Cycling: Bring On The Tandem!

  1. shirley says:

    I wondered wether you have any meets on the isle of wight?

  2. Hi Shirley.

    We’ve started in the east of Hampshire and our plan is now to spread south. Next location on our plan is Queen Elizabeth Country Park, near Petersfield.

    I have no immediate plans for the Isle of Wight, but we’re hoping to spread our activities widely, so watch this space and I’ll keep you posted!

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