A Champion Evening for Disability Cycling

Last night was great!

Our visit to the Disability Multi-Sports Club was just as much fun as last time, with loads of cyclists whizzing around the grounds of Treloar’s School, regardless of any impairments they may have.

Our side-by-side tandem (like a small car!) was popular as ever, the tandem trike had a good outing and a few riders had a good time getting to grips with our handcycles, including Peter Hull, Hampshire County Council’s Disability Sport Development Officer. Peter’s usual sport is swimming, but last night he was keen to join in the fun and put in some laps on our handcycle.

I was assisted last night by Paul Stanley – one of our first Cycle Champions. Paul is a keen cyclist and was able to put his experience to use with helpful adjustments to the many cycles we took along. Thanks for your help, Paul!

If you’d like to help with East Hampshire Cycling for All, even if you’re not a cycling expert, then get in touch on 07717 721511 or clive.andrews@ctc.org.uk.

The Disability Multi-Sports Club will be back in September, with a variety of sports alongside cycling. For more details, contact Kirsty Cope on 01730 234396 or kirsty.cope@easthants.gov.uk


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