Cycling for All at the Disability Multi-Sports Club

A couple of evenings ago, I went along to Treloar’s School, where the Disability Multi-Sports Club takes place each term-time Wednesday.

The club is suited for all ages and abilities, and it tries a different sport each week, with an expert brought along to run a session. Already having tried cricket, boccia and (I think) tennis, I was invited along to help members of the club to have a go at cycling.

Treloar’s is a great school with excellent facilities, so we were able to make use of their basketball court and running track. We tried out our tricycles, our handpowered trikes, our wheelchair/bike combo and, pride of the fleet, our ‘Twister’ side-by-side tandem.

It looked like everyone had a great time. They’ve invited us back, so I suppose it must have gone down well!

If you’d like more information about the Disability Multi-Sports Club, get in touch with Kirsty Cope on 01730 234339 or


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