East Hampshire Cycling for All: Up and Rolling!

On a lovely, sunny bank holiday Monday, we held our East Hampshire Cycling for All launch day at Alice Holt Forest.

With the sun shining, around 3,000 people visited Alice Holt to enjoy their extra day off on Monday. In the centre of the park we were offering the chance to enjoy a range of cycles – all designed to make cycling a great option for anyone whose level of ability may make it difficult to use a regular bike.

We had experts on hand in the shape of Ian Tierney and Hermine Briffa, who run the Wheels for All! scheme as part of their Cycling Projects charity. They came along to lend not only their expertise, but some great equipment, including hand-powered trikes made by Da Vinci.


Also helping us out were Neil Davenport and Rob Henshaw from Quest 88, who were here with some of the excellent Draisin cycles they supply.

People of all ages and abilities came along to try our bikes. Some arrived with friends, colleagues or carers from various disability organisations, while others came to Alice Holt independently with partners or parents, keen to see if we had a bike that would suit them.

For several hours, we had cyclists riding up and down the area in the centre of the park, with riders trying a variety of diffrent machines – some hand-powered, some leg-powered, some ridden solo and some with a friend.

The best thing was the fact that virtually everyone said they would be back to ride with us again.

I took a few photos, and I’m looking through them now, placing them on Flickr for all to see.

If you’d like to come cycling with us, get in touch with me at clive.andrews@ctc.org.uk or on 07717 721511



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