Disability Multi-Sports Club Kicks Off

Last night I went along to the inaugural session of the new Disability Multi-Sports Club set up by East Hampshire District Council at Treloar’s School.

Around 25 people turned up for the first week of a club which promises to introduce all kinds of sports accessible to disabled people.

We’ll be offering cycling as a club activity on the 14th May, but last night the focus was on cricket. A professional cricket coach was there to introduce everyone to Kwik Cricket, and Table Cricket was another option to try.

I’ve never really been much good at cricket, but the easy, accessible forms of cricket that were being played last night were good fun and simple enough for even me to understand.

If you’d like to know more about the Disability Multi-Sports Club, contact Kirsty Cope on 01730 234396 or kirsty.cope@easthants.gov.uk

We’ll be there at the club on the 14th May with a range of cycles. If you can’t make it to our launch at Alice Holt on 5th May, then the 14th could be great chance to to see what cycling can offer you.


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