Treecycling: Making Bikes from Locally Grown Timber

One of the key partners in East Hampshire Cycling for All is the Forestry Commission, and we’re joining together for an exciting new project at Alice Holt Forest.

If you love to ride bikes, you love learning new skills, and you believe in sourcing local materials, then we have a day in the forest that may interest you.

Participants will spend the first part of their day with an expert forester, identifying an ideal tree and felling it themselves. In the afternoon, with the help of a skilled carpenter, I’ll be showing everyone how to build a functional bike from their recently harvested tree.

Frame, handlebars and other key components will be manufactered from the felled timber. Where available, tyres will be made from other vegetation found in the forest.

Participants are requested to bring their own bell and reflectors to be fitted to their new cycle.

If you’d like to be part of this exciting day, email me at or call me on 07717 721511.


3 Responses to Treecycling: Making Bikes from Locally Grown Timber

  1. bdc says:

    what’s the date?

  2. bike on says:

    best of luck with this … sounds like a great project

  3. An April Fool, of course.

    Well done to everyone who spotted it (not that difficult, surely!) and to those who emailed me and linked to this story.

    The idea was partly based on truth. There are always loads of activities going on at Alice Holt, and bikes can be made from wood:
    Renovo wood monocoque bike

    I was probably being a little optimistic suggesting you could simply hack down a tree and assemble a bike in one afternoon, however!

    In fact something good came out of this – Someone who emailed me to enquire further actually works in the field of wheelchairs for disabled children, so it was good to make a potentially useful contact.

    Who said April Fool’s jokes were just a silly waste of time?

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