East Hampshire Cycling for All: One Week to Go!

April 28, 2008

It’s just one week now until the launch of East Hampshire Cycling for All’s project at Alice Holt Forest.

On the 5th May (Bank Holiday Monday) we’ll be offering the first of our regular opportunities to come cycling in the lovely traffic-free environment of Alice Holt.

We will have a range of particularly special cycles to try – tricycles, hand-powered trikes, and fun ‘side-by-side’ cycles you can share with a friend.

So if you, or someone you know, finds that an impairment or other issue means regular bikes aren’t suitable and you’d like to come cycling at Alice Holt, just contact me on 07717 721511 or at clive.andrews@ctc.org.uk, and I will know to expect you.

Cycling here at Alice Holt is lots of fun, and will now be an accessible activity even more people. Give me a call and come along!

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Disability Multi-Sports Club Kicks Off

April 24, 2008

Last night I went along to the inaugural session of the new Disability Multi-Sports Club set up by East Hampshire District Council at Treloar’s School.

Around 25 people turned up for the first week of a club which promises to introduce all kinds of sports accessible to disabled people.

We’ll be offering cycling as a club activity on the 14th May, but last night the focus was on cricket. A professional cricket coach was there to introduce everyone to Kwik Cricket, and Table Cricket was another option to try.

I’ve never really been much good at cricket, but the easy, accessible forms of cricket that were being played last night were good fun and simple enough for even me to understand.

If you’d like to know more about the Disability Multi-Sports Club, contact Kirsty Cope on 01730 234396 or kirsty.cope@easthants.gov.uk

We’ll be there at the club on the 14th May with a range of cycles. If you can’t make it to our launch at Alice Holt on 5th May, then the 14th could be great chance to to see what cycling can offer you.

Hampshire’s Pedal-Powered Washing Machine!

April 22, 2008

We’re not the only ones in Hampshire thinking laterally about bikes and their uses.

The guys at Community First East Hampshire showed me an amazing project called Cyclean.

Alex Gadsden lives in Rake, about 10 miles down the road from our base at Alice Holt Forest.  He has invented a pedal-powered washing machine, enabling you to clean your clothes and get fit simultaneously, without consuming all the energy used by a regular washing machine.

Alex has been booked as an on-site laundry service for this year’s Glastonbury festival. Have a look at the Cyclean website if you want to know more about his invention.

CTC Disability Cycling Projects on bikeradar.com

April 21, 2008

The cycling press have been reporting about the upcoming launch of East Hampshire Cycling for All on 5th May, and of last week’s launch of Everybody Active in Reading.

Here’s what bikeradar.com had to say – Cycling Disability Projects Launched

Everybody Active: Cycling with Disabilities in Reading

April 21, 2008

IMG_1615On Wednesday I went along to Reading to see the launch of Everybody Active, set up by my CTC colleague Helen Biggerstaff. Her goal is similar to mine – to enable as many people as possible to enjoy cycling – even they find regular bikes unsuitable for their needs.

The day was a great success and got me excited about the launch of our own East Hampshire Cycling for All on 5th May.

Assistance with equipment came from Ian and Hermine, the experts at Cycling Projects.

I managed to take a few photos of the Everybody Active launch.

If you like the look of this kind of riding and you’re in the East Hampshire or Surrey areas, then come along to Alice Holt Forest on the 5th May!

East Hampshire Cycling For All on Local Radio

April 15, 2008

I’ve just nervously completed two short radio interviews on the phone.

I spoke to reporters from Eagle and Delta radio stations, who had seen our press release and wanted to know more about the 5th May launch for East Hampshire Cycling for All. I only had a minute or two, but I managed to tell them about the bikes we’ll have, and the way we’re enabling as many people as possible to enjoy cycling.

If you live in the Surrey or NE Hampshire areas, listen out for my voice on the local radio news this afternoon!

Five Miles to Fabulous: Cycling for Women

April 9, 2008

Five Miles to Fabulous

A key date in the summer’s cycling calendar has to be the 7th and 8th JuneFive Miles to Fabulous – a weekend of accessible, welcoming rides that promise to be the perfect introduction for women who are new (or returning) to cycling.

There are rides being organised all over the country, and Hampshire is no exception.

Helen, a Forestry Commission colleague of mine, is oiling up her chain for a pleasant five miles around Alice Holt Forest on Saturday 7th June. Helen knows the forest like the back of her hand, so she’ll be the perfect companion on the traffic-free tracks through the trees. And the forest’s café is handy if you’d like to reward yourself with a cup of tea or even some cake after the ride.

I’ll let you know more later about other Five Miles to Fabulous rides in the Hampshire area, or keep an eye on the Five Miles to Fabulous pages on the main CTC site.

If you’re an experienced cyclist who would like to lead one of these rides in an area you know well, then get in touch with me at clive.andrews@ctc.org.uk or 07717 721511.