How many Cycling Champions Officers does it take…

It’s not just me who’s recently started as a Cycling Champions Officer at CTC. In addition to our work in East Hampshire, I have eight colleagues doing similar (but different) stuff all over the country – with more coming soon.

Tamina - Swindon Cycling Champions OfficerWe’re all trying to bring cycling to folks who, for various reasons, aren’t riding much at the moment. In some cases that might mean working with particular ethnic groups, or women, or maybe youngsters who aren’t fitting into the regular school system.

Last week, we all got together in Birmingham to compare notes and see how we’re getting on. This was the first time I’d met some of my new colleagues and it was great to hear what they’re up to. Viv in Bradford and Elizabeth in Leicester are doing some great-sounding work with women from various ethnic communities. Steve in Sheffield is helping young people to recycle bikes and Juliet in the Sefton area of the north west has been doing loads of stuff with cyclists who have disabilities.

If you’ve been looking for some encoragement to get cycling, now is most definately the time. There’s lots going on all over England.


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