Other Great Places to Ride in East Hampshire

Much as I love it here at Alice Holt, there are other great places to enjoy biking around the East Hampshire area.

Yesterday, I went to visit Queen Elizabeth Country Park, near Petersfield. I’ve ridden at Queen Elizabeth before, but generally just passing through on the long distance South Downs Way trail. If you take the time to explore the forest, there is actually some great off-road riding. Assistant Manager Rod Green was keen to tell me about the riding, and has promised to bring his mountain bike to work next time I’m in the area.

You’re welcome to turn up and ride the park’s marked trails independently, though the Velocity Rough Riders club often ride at QECP if you’d like off-road biking buddies.

The mountain biking at Queen Elizabeth is great, but can be a little challenging if you’re a beginner. So Rod advised me to go and check out Staunton Country Park, near Havant, where the new cycle trail offers a more relaxed ride in a really lovely setting.

I didn’t have time to ride Staunton when I visited – I’ll have to save that for a warm-down after Rod wears me out following my next visit to Queen Elizabeth…


3 Responses to Other Great Places to Ride in East Hampshire

  1. Les Jarman says:

    Please don’t forget that East Hampshire has lots of opportunities for quiet on road rides as well as the off roads you’ve highlighted. The AONB ride (24 miles) from Petersfield is really good and shows the area at its best.

  2. Thanks Les – Do you have a link with further information?

  3. Les Jarman says:

    A pdf of the AONB ride is available at the EHDC website. http://www.easthants.gov
    I don’t know of any other sites with routes in the area though there probably are some. An exception would be (excuse my blushes) my site at http://www.mapmyride.com/user_profile?username=LesJ
    This is site where I’m starting cataloging rides that the Petersfield Universtity of the Third Age (U3A) Cycling Group do. No guarantees offered but they are often scenic and quite do-able. Remember that most of our members are retired and are not Club cyclists.

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