A Visit to The Kingsley Centre

Kingsley CentreI’ve just got back from a visit to the Kingsley Centre, a facility in a village near Alton where disabled people receive training and work in the village community.

My visit got off to a less-than-perfect start when I was mistaken for a window cleaner. (I’m not sure why – I was carrying neither a chamois leather nor a ladder)

Once we’d established that what I lack in window-cleaning expertise I make up for in knowledge of bikes, we got chatting. The people who visit and work in the Kingsley Centre have a variety of disabilities and I was keen to ask their opinion on the variety of equipment we’re looking to stock up with here at Alice Holt. Some seemed immediately keen on the idea, while others seemed more hesitant, but agreed that they’d have a go on the bikes once we are up and running.

I showed them photos of side-by-sides, trikes, hand-trikes and wheelchair tandems. We discussed the pros and cons of all the different vehicles and how they would suit the various people at Kingsley. They all got the thumbs up and the assurance that each different kind of cycle I showed them would have potential riders from the local area.

I’ll give the Kingsley Centre a shout when our new fleet needs its first test ride. Or when their windows need a clean.


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