Starting to Look at Equipment

I took a phone call a couple of days ago from a lady who wanted to know more about adaptive bikes.

For years, she and her husband have been riding with their son on the back of their tandem, but as their son had grown, and as the couple themselves had got older, this was becoming trickier.

So she was asking me what I knew about two-wheeled tag-alongs – a bit of kit like the back half of a trike.

We’re still deciding what equipment to select for our East Hampshire Cycling for All project, but this was a great excuse to do some research. So I phoned the experts at Cycling Projects and spoke to Hermine. She pointed out that the bit of kit we were looking for is the Pashley Add-1. Great for adding a high-stability extenstion to a pilot bike or trike.

Hermine also pointed out the Kettwiesel – a great fun bike for anyone who has trouble balancing on a regular bike. I believe they have some similar trikes at Croydon’s Cycling for All project. They look great – maybe we’ll check this out for our fleet here at Alice Holt Forest.

Hermine’s tip for sourcing lots of this stuff was Wise Wheels – apparently they are experts in the various varieties of adaptive cycles for people with disabilities or mobility problems.


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