Thanks for the Alice Holt Photos!

alice holt forest

I asked a few people on the Flickr photo-sharing website if they would mind adding their Alice Holt Forest photos to the East Hampshire Cycling for All Flickr group.

This is such a lovely place to ride a bike, and thanks to andyp uk, evade and lostartist, we can now see just how great it is at Alice Holt, through our growing collection of photos.

As the summer goes on, I’m sure there will be some good photos of us all enjoying the riding here in the forest. Our Flickr group is a great way for us to share these photos – especially the ones of some of the more unusual adaptive bikes we’ll be playing on.

Selections of these photos are shown at the side of this, our blog, and also on our pages on the main CTC website.

So whether you have any photos of previous days at Alice Holt (on a bike or not!) or you’ll be coming along to join us in the summer, join our Flickr group and let’s all see the fun.


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